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We all know the 80/20 rule…

20% of the people are responsible for 80% of the results.

But, is it true? Yes.

Is it true in network marketing? YES!

Now, even if you believe it, do you practice it in working your MLM leads list?

It's tough to….Because the MLM leads generation business has been focused on generating millions of leads (quantity…not quality).

The problem: With any MLM leads list, how do you know the quality of the person you're calling? Yes, they filled out the proverbial "I'd like to have a home-based business" form on the Internet. And, they said they'd like to make $10,000 per month. This doesn't tell us if the person is capable or not.

What if you truly only focused on the 20%'rs?

How would your business explode?

The 20%'rs get on auto-ship (and stay on longer), buy tools, attend meetings, know MLM isn't "get rich quick", and "understand" the business.

What happens when you focus on the 80%'rs?

Yes, you maybe can get them involved because you're passionate about your MLM program. So, you get the one-time "sale" by sponsoring them.

But, can they move your business forward to help you make 6-digits and live the MLM dream lifestyle? No!

What happens to the typical network marketer?

You start your career in Network Marketing and buy 100 leads. But, did you really get 100 leads worth calling? Any one who's worked mlm leads knows the answer is no.

Take any list of 100 names and you'll discover it actually looks like this on average.

9-23% top tier () are prospects worth focusing on and 77-91% lower tier () are definitely not worth your time.

  Now, it's time to start contacting the list. When making calls today, you'll end up with over 65% going into voice mail because of caller ID (they don't know you) and people are busier now then ever.

Any given night calling 100 prospects, you'll actually reach 35 or so.

Your calls will look something like this from a typical MLM leads list.


  Our Vision is to help your calling look like this:

Lower tier prospects ('s) should be put in auto responder systems and sorted with whatever automated system you're using.

What do the prospects do to your emotional well-being? They drain you of your life force. Even if you enroll them, they're not a high probability person to build a big business. So, they'll drain your time with silly questions and 3-way calls with other 's on their warm list..

What do 's do to your emotional well-being? They add life to your life. They give you those big matching bonuses. They propel your business forward with quantum growth. Even if you didn't sponsor them, you feel good because you had the opportunity to qualify someone who "qualified". And, you didn't have to ask them all those elementary sounding "sorting" questions you've been taught.

  Two rules we teach our consulting clients:

Rule 1: know 's

             know 's

Rule 2: The opportunity cost of working with 's is too great!

We don't care if the leads you have came from an Internet, TV, Print, or Radio ad. What we care about is pinpointing the top tiered group in your MLM leads list so you can focus your precious time and money on those people.

  Over time, by default an organization will sponsor down and look like the one below.

Obviously, there are all kinds of compensation plans in MLM today. We realize different comp plans would look different. This is meant for illustration purposes only.

will sponsor more people than .

Notice above how the 's increase as time goes on and the organization increases in size?

At exactly the point where you want to leverage your organization (where it's the widest), your organization cannot grow because most of your people are running an adult day care. They simply have too many 's in who aren't capable of moving the business forward. And, they begin sponsoring "down".

At the lower levels, your 's can't attract 's because they aren't one. They also don't know the language of 's. And, 's want to work with 's.

Over time, the lower-tiered people are less likely to be successful and the organization crumbles from its biggest point…the bottom.

Because lower-tiered are less likely to auto-ship, they're not able to sustain momentum once it starts. Your volume goes down, your key leadership loses personal and group momentum, and people "jump ship".

I have a good friend who has 60,000 people in his downline. He does over $60,000,000 in sales per year.

Back in those old days, no one worked the "cold" market like network marketers do today.

He knew intuitively that he needed to sponsor "top tier" people. In his first 9 weeks, he sponsored 1 per week. Of the 9 he sponsored, 85% are downline from 7 of them. Why? They were all top tier prospects. That was 29 years ago. It's the very reason he's worth 8-digits. It's also the reason he's only had to build one company. Quality people ( 's) sponsored quality people ( 's) who sponsored more quality people ( 's). He has life-time sustaining leadership. It's also the very reason he owns his own jet.

  If you've been building company after company, we recommend you lock in on a long-term company and build with top-tiered people.

Your time is too precious to waste with the wrong people.

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