Our customers consider optimizing their MLM leads a major strategic advantage over their competition.

Although on file at our office, we never disclose the last names of our customers. We also never allow specific details in testimonials that would allow visitors on this site to "cross-recruit" them.

"I personally worked 200+ optimized MLM leads in June and July of 2004 and sponsored 39 people. I won't go back to calling deadbeats. It's actually refreshing to work with the right people out of the MLM leads I purchase." Karen

"My downline is over 10,000 people in my primary company. Now, I am building my next huge downline the faster, easier way. You have an uncanny way of pinpointing the top prospects in the lists I send you. You pinpointed the top 77 people on the list of 500 MLM leads I gave you." The quality is amazing! Randy

"I've been using your Optimized MLM Leads process for 2 months. During that time I've sponsored one tier 1 person, and 6 tier 2 people. Of the 6 tier 2s, I sponsored, 2 have already dropped out, and the other 4 have sponsored a total of 10 people - while the tier 1 person has over 60 people in their organization in 6 weeks!" Carol

"Wow! You're right, winners know winners. Bozos sponsor more bozos!" Jesse

"With so many prospecting calls ending up in voice-mail, I can't risk the time of leaving messages for people that have a low-probability of success. I've built my entire business part-time ($160,000 per month in revenue) and every minute is precious. Thanks for helping me go after the real players in my prospect lists. And, thanks from my group. They are so effective now. I joined your program and everyone I've referred you has been tickled" Brad

"I sell a higher-priced opportunity and used to chase "low-lifes" through my qualification and presentation system until I started using your process. You give a whole new meaning to "sorting". Now, I work less and make more." Peter


"I recently joined a network marketing company, and started using your optimized mlm leads from day one. Everything that you said just seemed to made sense, so I made the commitment to only work Tier 1 MLM Leads, and just look at my results: My 1st commission check was for $1,028. My 2nd check was for $2,891. And my 3rd check was for $3,622. This has changed my life. Thank You," Rebecca

"If you focus on talking to quality people, your business will grow. I was one of the first people to test your Optimized MLM Leads process, and my organization has grown my almost 300% since we started. The results have been nothing short of incredible." Shawn

"I sponsored 10 people, and made $1,480 in fast start bonuses, the first month I used our Optimized MLM Leads. That was my best month ever. And, all of the people I sponsored that month got on autoship. I'll be one of your clients for life." Terry

"I don't know how you do what you do… All I know is that I'm getting much better results from my mlm leads. And the only change I've made was using your service." Oliver

If MLM leads have been a constant source of frustration for you, you'll discover it's a breath of fresh air to talk to the right people.

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