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Yes! I need people with leadership ability.

Yes! I need people who can make a serious investment to start their business right.

Yes! I need people with a superior work ethic.

Yes! I need people with a better sphere of influence.

Yes! I need people who are committed, and not looking to join every "get- rich quick" program        out there.

Yes! I'm sick and tired of calling deadbeats, losers, wannabes, and tire kickers.

Yes! I want to slash my prospecting time by 70%+.

Yes! I want to sponsor higher quality people, quicker and easier.

Yes! I want to build a long-term business, and secure my financial future.

Yes! I need people who can take my business to a six-figure level, and help me to live my        dream lifestyle. I am placing my order to have my leads optimized.

"After having my leads optimized, I was able to sponsor 2 leaders into my downline. Trying to find these two potential heavy hitters would have been like trying to find a needle in a haystack without Optimized MLM Leads."
~ Ken S.

You are 3-steps away from putting your business on the fast track to success

Step 1:
Before you upload your leads, make sure that they are in the proper format. We accept lists in .txt, .csv, and excel formats. Your list should be formatted like this:
First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, and Phone Number*. Or, they should be in the same format as you received them from the list broker.

Important Note: Make sure that your leads have the information listed. 1 - 3% of most lists have incomplete data (fictitious name, partial address, partial or no zip code). You will be charged for each prospect on your uploaded list. Prospects that we were unable to optimize, because they contained inaccurate or missing information, will be listed on your report as "a non-tiered lead".

Step 2:
Click here to upload your leads to our secure server. Complete instructions will be provided for you on the upload page.

Step 3:
Click here to go to our secure server to place your order and complete this transaction. Please fill out the order form completely. Place the number of leads that you are ordering in the Quantity section.

Note: The minimum order is 1,000 leads at $0.099 cents per lead, or $99.00.

Note: The average order turnaround time is 24 hours. If you wish to receive your Optimized Leads faster, you can select Priority Service and receive your Optimized Leads within 12 hours (or less).

We can optimize any Opportunity Seekers list to specifically identify the 23+% of the population who would be ideal for your Network Marketing business.

* Phone number is optional, and not required for the lead to be optimized.


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