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The Heavy Hitter SECRET for getting the best ROI on your lead purchases

Quick summary:

What is "OPTIMIZING MLM Leads"? It's the process of using a proprietary formula to predictably pinpoint those prospects in an MLM leads list who are more probable of being successful.

By working optimized leads, you'll:

Be 2-3X more productive
Focus on the right prospects
Cut your recruiting time by 70%+
Grow your group faster and stronger
Create stronger leadership in your group
Not be emotionally drained by the wrong prospects

Optimizing leads is the only way to get the best mlm leads purchase return-on-investment - Read below to learn the Heavy Hitter SECRET

We generate a report of 3 tiers from any list submitted to us:

Top tier (23%+/- of any list) is where serious network marketers should focus 80% of their time. These        prospects can propel your business into exponential growth.
Middle tier (57%+/- of any list) only deserves 20% of your time.
Bottom tier (20%+/- of any list) should be deleted!

These are the questions we get asked daily…

"How do I get the most return-on-investment when I buy leads?"

"Should I buy real-time leads"

"What do you see the heavy hitters doing?...Why are they so successful?"

"I'm part-time and I need to sponsor 4 quality people per month, how do I do that?"

"What do you recommend for the full-time person who can work the phone daily?"

We have to answer by starting with the basic premises:

1 - You're serious about your network marketing business and know it requires an ongoing investment in leads.

2 - You realize someone who's "looking" is usually "looking". Think about yourself…you're always looking, right? If a "better" opportunity comes along, are you open to "looking"?

3 - You know that everyone is not a high probability candidate to be successful in MLM. MLM is not right for everyone! The products you offer may be…but not the opportunity.

4 - You understand that the highest pay-off activity you can do every day is contact prospects who are both LOOKING and CAPABLE.

Based on the above, we're going to show some examples of what a $500 investment in leads can look like with optimization.

If you're saying to yourself, "I buy my leads in batches of 100 for $100", you'll discover below why you're not experiencing exponential growth in your organization, or utilizing your lead investment money wisely.

MLM leads sell anywhere from 2 cents (aged) to $50 (from TV infomercials).

In this special report, we'll use MLM leads costing anywhere between 10 cents to $5.

Remember, your goal is to maximize your time with prospects who are both looking and capable.

The graph below shows a $500 lead purchase at 10 cents to $5 per lead.

In this graph, you see how many leads you're going to get at a certain price per lead.

Obviously, if you're serious about working the phone, you'll get through your 100 leads at $5.00 apiece in a hurry.

The graph below is what a mlm leads list really looks like.

This graph shows what tiers the corresponding leads you're getting would fall into. We give every lead in the list a rating of Top, Middle, or Bottom.

Top Tier = 23% of list

These are your prospects who have generally the most probability of being successful with you. Top tier prospects will join your program at higher levels, get on auto-ship quicker (and stay on longer), require less of your time, and propel your business into quantum growth.

8 out of 10 people in the top tier are what we consider great prospects, or STARS .

Middle Tier = 57% of list

These prospects are where a majority of network marketers by default focus. Although they may be easy to sponsor, they generally don't have the ability to move your business forward in an exponential way.

They will require more time, be less likely to stay on auto-ship, have less leadership capability, and tend to cause your organization to taper off. This is because the entire MLM community will sponsor down.

1 out of 15 people in the middle tier are what we consider great prospects .

Bottom Tier = 20%

These prospects we recommend you delete from your lead list. The opportunity cost of pursuing these prospects is too great. Our research shows that you cannot get a positive return-on-investment from them.

Only 3 out of 100 in the bottom tier are good prospects.

So, above you see that you really have significantly more top tier people to call as you decrease your cost per lead. This is the main reason we recommend network marketers work aged leads.

Now, let's take a quick look at how many days of calling time focusing on Top Tier leads you'd have with your $500 investment.

We'll assume that you'll be making 20 contacts per day. These aren't dials but actually talking to a prospect. This is a good goal for part-timers. If you're full-time, adjust your numbers up accordingly.

As you can see from the above chart, when you focus your time and energy on Top Tier prospects, and those are the only people who deserve your attention, you leverage your investment in leads by 5,000% when you purchase aged leads. Yes - a small percentage will already be recruited into another opportunity, but the vast majority will still be looking. When it comes to business opportunities, most people have very short attention spans. If they aren't seeing results within the first 30 - 45 days, they will be open to other opportunities.

Our recommendation is to purchase aged leads that are 30 - 90 days old. To traditional mailing list brokers, these would be considered "Hot Line" leads. Most are still looking. Most of those who have joined a program will be looking again within 30 - 45 days (very few companies have a proven method of getting someone profitable within the first month or two). And then a very small percentage will have found a program that they are happy with.

Smart business people stack the odds in their favor. Focus your valuable time - and energy - on the most capable prospects, and watch your downline explode.

Spend less. Make more money. Reduce your stress. And have more fun, by using optimized leads.

Your time is too precious to waste with the wrong people.

Click here to begin optimizing your leads.

Visit our MLM Training website.

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