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How are you able to identify the top prospects from a list?

Obviously, there are trade secrets involved in developing our Optimization process. What I can tell you is that there are 17 factors involved. The primary factors are demographic, pyschographic, and public records that can only recently be accessed through the Internet. Once the data is captured, it is then merged, sorted, and raked, based upon very specific criteria.

It takes several hours to run a report. Some of the data has to be entered by hand. Once the report is generated, it is then analyzed to ensure accuracy. Shortly after your file is delivered to you, it is deleted from our server using U.S. Department of Defense 5220.22-M erase standards, to maintain your privacy.

The end result is a report that isolates your best prospects, saving you time and emotional distress. Although very accurate, our process is not perfect. Our process is 82% accurate at determining the quality of a lead. It took us 9 months to perfect (not including the time to develop the software program).

What types of leads do you optimize?

We can optimize any Opportunity Seekers list to specifically identify the 23%+/- of the population who would be ideal for your Network Marketing business.

What is the biggest problem in network marketing today?

Identifying and working with top-tier people. There's no shortage of MLM leads. There are millions available. But, you don't have unlimited time to contact them all. We believe in quality over quantity.

Less is more.

Successful network marketing was designed to give you more life…not drain your time with low quality prospects and downline.

What do you mean by Top Tier prospects?

Top tier prospects have a higher probability of being successful in network marketing. We rate leads, and put them into 3 groups, with 1 being the best and 3 being the worst.

Tier 1 have more leadership capability, get on auto-ship (and stay on longer), and have the ability to propel your business forward.

Should I trust lead brokers…there's so many of them in the market today.


We're fond of Ronald Reagan's quote, "trust, but verify".

Our Vision at Optimized MLM Leads is to make sure you're investing your most precious asset (your time) with the right prospects.

We're the first people to say you need a steady stream of people who are looking.

Here's the dilemma. They may be looking and there's not a strong probability that they'll be capable of success in MLM. That's why optimizing is so important.

Your absolute best prospect is capable AND looking.


I'm a "heavy hitter". How could I make your optimizing process available to my entire downline?

If you have a big organization, nothing will drive your business forward better than your entire downline working on the top 9-23% of their prospects. The highest level of productivity for heavy hitters or any network marketer is working with the top tier who actually have a higher probability for success in this industry.

Contact us for site license options where your whole group could optimize for a flat rate. This option is for those with over 500 people in their organization.

How do I know if my upline has a "site license" with you?

Please contact your upline. We will not disclose customer names to anyone. Site license purchasers tell us who in their downline may optimize with us, and they're given a unique code.

Do you offer "exclusives"?

We are not able to because of our affiliate program.

I'm about to make a large list purchase. Should I ask for a sample of the list and have it optimized first?

No. This may be a good way to get a birds-eye view of what you'll be getting. But, we can tell you without even optimizing it that you'll most likely have 9-23% in tier 1. Any list is going to have a cross section of all tiers in it.

What information do you need to optimize my list?

Full name (first, last), address (city, state, zip), phone number.

How do I upload my list to you?

Complete uploading instructions can be found on the Order Page.

I work downline genealogy reports. How will optimizing help me?

Typically, downline reports contain only 40-50% useable information. You already know you're dialing into a lot of bad and changed numbers. By optimizing, you'll know which 9-23% to contact so you can quickly get to the best prospects…before everyone else who buys the list does. Genealogy Lists get sold over and over and over.

Remember, we need full contact data to optimize a list. First and last name, address, city, state, zip, and phone.

I don't call any of my leads, I only email them. Does it still make sense to have my list optimized?

Yes - Top Tier people do not respond well to email (about 1/10th the response rate than the Middle and Lower Tier). Alternatively, we have found that using a postcard to Top Tier people has produced exceptional results. Our clients have gotten a 3 - 7.5% response rate.

I've been calling the Top Tier and not getting any results.

There are several things to diagnose.

Is the list you sent us even viable?
Do you have a clear message?
Is the message matched to your target?
Is your "Value Engine" strong enough to penetrate the clutter in the marketplace? Your Value Engine is what separates you from all the other marketing "noise" people are hearing.
Do you have an effective follow-up system for those that don't get in your downline? (Top Tier people are worth keeping in touch with…respectfully!)
Lastly, do you have the people skill to communicate with top tiered prospects?

People skill is paramount to building a successful network marketing business. You cannot show me anyone who's made $100,000+ per year in this industry who doesn't understand people.

My group seems burned out from calling leads…what should I do?

Upgrade the quality of people you're calling. When you focus your downline to use 80% of their time on the right 20%, you'll get quantum results.

I have a low-quality group right now…what do you recommend?

Upgrade it by only working with tier 1 prospects. You'll never grow by working with the wrong people. You'll only get emotionally drained and frustrated.

Are you available for consulting?

We have a limited amount of time available for the right engagements.

Our consulting time starts at $650 for an initial 2 hour consultation. This time is with both the co-founders of Optimized MLM Leads on the phone.

Click here to go to our Contact Us page.

Please tell us about yourself, your opportunity, and what you need specific help with.

Serious inquiries only, please.

My upline told me to work through "losers" to find a winner.


Although it's an honorable thought…it's a complete waste of your time. Top tiered people know more top tiered people. Winners know winners. 's know 's.

If Donald Trump goes to Atlanta to look for real estate, does he start calling janitors in hopes that one knows someone who knows someone with a $100,000.000 building for sale? NO!

In network marketing, people will always sponsor down. So you need to start high because you're group will go "down" as it grows away from you.

Successful network marketers know that this is a leadership-driven business.

Your goal is to find and create leadership. This is best done by focusing all of your time in the top tier.


I put my own name in a list I submitted to you and came back as a low tier…yet, I'm a successful network marketer.

Any probability analysis is not perfect. Optimizing leads is a process of getting the odds in your favor not guaranteeing them 100%. Network marketing is consistently doing the right things daily with the right targeted prospects. There are successful network marketers in every tier. However, you'll find the majority in the Top Tier.

Tell me about how you keep my names safe.

All optimizing is done by us on our secure servers.
Your list will be uploaded to us, optimized within 72 hours (or sooner if you choose a rush option), and then deleted using U.S. Department of Defense 5220.22-M erase standards.

Our single Vision is to help you get more life by sponsoring and working with more of the right people.

How do I become an affiliate?

Click here and you'll be taken to our affiliate page. You'll make money for helping people you care about be more productive in their home-based business.

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee that your list will be run through our proprietary process and you'll be delivered an optimization report and final export of your data. (Click here to see a sample)

We only work with the data you give us. The old adage is garbage in = garbage out.

The best way to find out what happens when you work optimized leads is to put your leads through our service and for 2 days start calling the bottom tier…then for 2 days start calling the top tier. You'll discover the immediate difference and never work a non-optimized lead list again.

I have a question that's not answered above.

Please email the correct department on our Contact Us page. Thank you.

Right now is the time to be more productive. You're only a few key leaders away from your dreams.

Click here to optimize your mlm leads.

Visit our MLM Training website.

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