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  Optimized MLM Leads is dedicated to helping your leverage your productivity..

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Our History:

In 2003, we had an objective to leverage productivity among networkers.

Copious notes from actual, extended conversations with 1,400 prospects we complied. We discovered that only 250-350 conversations would have been necessary to get the same result if they had been with the right prospects. We labeled these people as 's. The other's as 's.



's would come to be known as "top tier" prospects.

A pattern emerged as all the data was compiled. The 's had better warm markets, understood business better, stayed on auto-ship, and were very self-sufficient. In other words, they were the "right" people.

The challenge existed to predictably identify the potentially "right" people without a mouth-to-ear or belly-to-belly conversation from MLM leads.

These1,400 extended conversations averaged 30 minutes. If there was a way to eliminate 1,100 of those conversations without any productivity being lost, the time savings would be 550 hours. Those 550 hours could be devoted to working with the right people who could propel the business forward faster and secure long-term leadership..

Over time, we developed a proprietary formula and process for optimizing MLM leads.

Beta testing began in April of 2004 with great success. People who worked MLM leads on the phone intensely were getting more of the right people sponsored, and their group was growing faster and stronger.

A second beta test done in the winter of 2003 with 800 conversations doubly verified our intitial findings.

Once fine-tuned, tested, and validated, Optimized MLM Leads, LLC began offering services to the network marketing community.

Network Marketing has always been a "leveraged" game of being mouth-to-ear or belly-to-belly in proactive, ethical persuasion with the "right" people.

Having MLM leads optimized offers the serious network marketer a way to predictably target the 's in any lead list.

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