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Remember the 80/20 rule? AKA The Pareto Principle.

It was discovered in 1897 by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923).

In MLM, the rule can make us wealthy!

Sadly, most of us only exploit a tiny portion of it's power.

Vilfredo was looking at patterns of wealth in nineteenth-century England. He found that most of the income and wealth went to a minority of the people. Sound familiar?

He discovered that the distribution of wealth was predictably unbalanced.


The 80/20 rules says that a minority of your effort, focus, or inputs (20%) will yield 80% of your results.

So, in reverse, 80% of what you do adds up to extremely limited results for you.

How do you apply this to your prospecting of MLM leads list? Simple.

Invest 80% of your time working on what we call the right side of the 4 quadrants…with the people we call "Gold Stars". They comprise about 9-23% of any MLM leads list. We'll show you how to isolate them.

Your opportunity cost in working on the left quadrants is too great. It drains both time and emotions. And, it won't create a long-term sustaining "real" business or long-term wealth.

Success in MLM is not a lone ranger event. It's really due to you aligning both upline and downline with top tier people.

Top tier people will propel your business into quantum growth.

Below, you'll see how we describe the 4 quadrants.

Think back to some recent calls...where did the people you were talking to fall into?


Were they a "D" who filled out a work-from-home form on the Internet because they were bored…something to do during TV commercials?

Were they a "C" - always looking but never achieving? You were quick to sponsor them. They were excited about the business, and you had high expectation that you found real winners. They call you often but never make outgoing calls to prospects.

How about a "B"? They're a great prospect but not looking right now. You gave them your "pitch" but they were neutral to it. What's next for them? Keep in touch respectfully. Sooner or later they'll be looking and they're capable of great growth when they join you.

Now for those "A's". The crown jewel in MLM leads lists. Serious would describe your initial conversation with them. They know what they want and just need a vehicle to get them there. Did you align their personal vision with what you have in your opportunity? Didn't they just seem to be naturals after they joined you? Coachable, sincere and long-term focused are excellent words to describe them.
Ready to know who the A's and B's are in your list?

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C's - Not Capable/Looking

Low Probability

Overly Positive
Time consuming for sponsors
Work "lots" of "deals"
Limited resources

Easy to Sponsor - But your Opportunity cost from not focusing on A's and B's is too high.

A's - Capable/Looking

High Probability

Work Ethic
Willingness to work

Sponsor NOW! (Align you opportunity with their person vision)

D's - Not Capable/Not Looking

Low Probability

Emotionally Draining
Time consuming
No personal energy
Limited resources

Don't Sponsor (Delete from your prospect list)

B's - Capable/Not Looking

Low Probability

Work Ethic
Willingness to work

Sponsor LATER! (Respectfully keep in touch until they're looking)

Successful leaders and organizations are found in every tier. Our formula is meant only to weigh the probabilities of your MLM leads list in your favor. Think like an insurance company. Run your business based on the predictable odds and you'll live the lifestyle only network marketing can provide.

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