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Examine closely a MLM business and you'll discover that it fits into one of three distinct profiles.

The first one is what you wanted to achieve when you entered network marketing. It's what all of us heard and pictured when we started in MLM. We never imagined it happening any other way.

The second is what happens to strong leaders who don't have a proactive focus on bringing in top tier people. The MLM organization turns into a "job". More MLM leads won't solve this problem. More prospecting towards top tier prospects will begin to turn it around.

The third is the revolving door we see a lot in MLM today. "Get rich quick" becomes the battle cry. Who has time for creating long-term wealth? Lots of lower tier people…lots of attrition…and an opportunity cost that is high. No real hope of reaching personal economic goals or achieving personal satisfaction.

Now, you're asking yourself, "what does optimizing MLM leads have to do with profiles of growth?" Everything. MLM is purely leadership driven. People move products. Volume follows people getting in. Everything starts and ends with our prospects.

1 - Geometric & Exponential Growth Business - S Curve


A true business
Creates both residual and passive income
Gain maximum leverage of your time and money
Is stable with continuous growth because of leadership "factory" focus
Builds retirement income
As the business grows, you make more, and work less

Recruiting Process:

Proactive through many marketing "pillars"
Culturally Targeted…organization knows who are ideal prospects
Organization has clear value engine to bring to market (clarity)

The People: (Heavily weighted towards the upper tiers)

Key attributes -
Entrepreneurial - Want to be in business
Long-term thinkers - Willing to invest several years to make full-time income
Persistent - Not easily deterred by negatives from family, friends, and prospects
Ethical persuaders - Seek win-win in recruiting and building organization
Understand business - Know business needs a vision, systems, processes
Credibility - Can get people to meetings or onto conference calls
Leadership - People follow them and trust their recommendations
Contacts - Have a "warm" market that's been nurtured over time

This group makes up approximately 23% of a good business or mlm opportunity lead list.

2 - Linear Growth Then Levels Off


Self-Employment model
Trade time for money
Little or no leverage
Must continue to work in the business to maintain it because of missing leadership
Requires 50-70 hours per week time commitment to maintain
As the business grows, you have to invest more of your time into it to maintain it

Recruiting Process:

Initially starts with top tier people but lack of focus causes everyone to "sponsor down" quickly
Generally a handful of heavy hitters driving the business.
Reactive - No marketing pillars to "attract" top tier people

The People: (Heavily weighted towards the middle tiers)

Key Attributes:
Mid-level credibility
Limited sphere of influence (People tend to question their recommendations)
Because of this, they want to focus on building a business outside their warm market
Not overly persuasive or persuasive with manipulation
Tendency to be swayed by others opinions
Tend to give up easily, and move on to the next opportunity
They typically recruit two to three people into the business
You will find the majority of the MLM "junkies" in this group.

This group makes up approximately 57% of a good business or mlm opportunity lead list.

3 - Diamond Shaped Growth Business
(Most often-seen shape of an individual MLM organization)


Grows and dies
Leadership comes in and leaves quickly
Relatively short life expectancy
Over time, you work more and make less money
Very unstable
No long-term wealth creation
Opportunity cost high

The Recruiting Process:

A very small number of top tier people at the top
Usually the growth is driven by tight core of people
Middle tier people in the middle of the organization and lower tier people at the bottom

The People:

Lower tiers anchor the organization
Little to no credibility
Small circles of influence
Limited resources available for prospecting
Can't attract what they aren't
Not taken seriously by prospects
Don't take the business seriously
Quit auto-ship quickly
A lottery mentality…looking for something for nothing, or "fast money"

This group makes up approximately 20% of a good business or mlm opportunity lead list.

DISCLAIMER: Successful leaders and organizations are found in every tier. Our formula is meant only to weigh the probabilities of your MLM leads list in your favor. Think like an insurance company. Run your business based on the predictable odds, and you'll live the lifestyle only network marketing can provide.


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