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What we do:
Better MLM Leads. We pinpoint the top prospects in any opportunity seeker lead list…
These mlm leads prospects are called “Top Tier”
(We do not sell leads ….we optimize them!)

Who do we do it for?:
Serious, time-concious MLM’rs

The bottom-line:
By working Optimized MLM Leads, you’ll grow faster, make more money and work less!

Our minimum lead optimization order is 1000 leads for $99.

Please read over our site before contacting us with questions.

“You’re so right. The top tier were high quality and the bottom tier wasn’t worth my time.” Ron H.

Slash your prospecting time by 70%+
  (You have better things to do than talking to the wrong prospects)
Sponsor more high quality people...quickly!
  (You know the kind we mean...those who can move your business forward and help you make 6-digits)
Have more people enter at higher dollar levels in your opportunity
  (Sick of those who get in at the “low” levels and never do anything?)
Upgrade your group and quit running an adult day care
  (Ever wish you could just start over with quality people in your downline...you can!)
Get more and larger auto-ship numbers
  (It’s the lifeblood of MLM...the right prospects = bigger $ for you)
Not be emotionally drained by the wrong prospects
  (Some prospects truly need psychologists...you’re not one!)
Enjoy MLM more (or again!)
  (You got in to have fun, didn’t you? Start calling Top Tier prospects and you’ll feel excited again. You’ll never go back to calling the wrong prospects
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Vist MLM Training to get even more out of your leads.

YOU should be!
The MLM Lead
industry's reputation is
at an all time low.
Get your leads optimized
NOW and work
with capable prospects.
  Imagine 100 MML Leads
Here’s what they look like...
9%-23% worth calling

(Here's where your future leaders are)
  77%-91% not worth calling
(Wrong prospects = frustration)
  Tired of calling the wrong prospects?

Ready to find out who you should call first?

Click here
to optimize your MLM list...

Learn the secrets of communicating with
Top-Tier prospects.

Learn how Heavy Hitters bring people with credibility into their organization.

Discover what words not to use in sharing your opportunity.

How to know quickly if someone is capable of building a big business.

Know the “red flags” the wrong prospects use.

Learn how to position the “timing” your company is in.

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  AND more!
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